The Legend of Emas Delima Luxury Gloves

Fall… the air is still warm, and  Emas is  leaning against the great tree of pomegranates and watch the river slipping between the stones and rocks fast and shiny ….. she dreams… she dreams of a necklace made of  red pearls, like the grains of the fruit,and bracelets that wrap around her wrists, made ​​of pure gold and pearls… and she thinks about the cold winter coming…  drawing with her fancy mind luxury gloves, to protect and keep her hands warm in the rain and underneath the white snow; her wrists are adorned suddenly with soft and impalpable fur with the color of the snow… and the dream was fulfilled.

In the Greek mythology, the pomegranate was considered a sacred plant and Roman brides entwined in her hair its branches, even in India as among the ancient peoples the pomegranate was considered a magical fruit…

Emas Delima is dreaming Luxury Gloves, utilities and accessories since 1972.

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Be part of the Legend, come and gather under our pomegranate tree and pick Your fruit… may the luck be with You.


EMAS DELIMA® is a registered trademark.