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Emas Delima Business Opportunities

The company is looking for distributors and dealers.

Our Team is selecting top class area authorized distributors and dealers.

Target markets include EU, Russia, USA, South America, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Australia and other Asian countries.

The products are of the highest quality and Emas Delima is a world market leader in luxury accessories, strongly representing for the Made in Italy.

Developing a relationship with the manufacturer may be the most critical point in the process of becoming an exclusive distributor, but, please, note that Emas Delima is going to be distributed only by area authorized dealers and sole distributors, without any intermediate broker.
We are going to run a direct business relationship between Emas Delima and your Company.

To apply within Emas Delima, please, contact our Procurement Department by e-mail at the following address: .

We are going to reply as soon as possible.


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